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All of our products are made almost entirely by hand following rigid quality control standards. This gives us the ability to closely monitor and inspect all items for knots, cracks and other flaws before they are shipped, resulting in higher satisfaction levels for our customers.  Every piece that we ship is truly a unique piece of handcrafted furniture, built with quality in mind down to the last detail. This furniture will last for years!

chair partsMaterials.  The Southeastern United States is a very humid region which produces many species of wood ideally suited for outdoor use, and our close proximity to these materials helps to manage our costs.  Our material of choice, cypress, sets the standard for outdoor use and (in addition to outdoor furniture) is commonly used in boat, fence, and siding applications.  It is resistant to decay, moisture, and warping and will weather to a silvery-gray if left untreated.  Cypress provides the foundation of a solid product which will last for years.  We use only premium grade cypress which is mostly clear, meaning it is approximately 90% clear of knots.  All lumber is inspected for knots and cracks and is sorted upon entering the facility.  It is either air-dried or kiln-dried and contains a 15% or less moisture content.  The materials are of a 4/4 thickness and surfaced on all sides to a 13/16" thick board.  This is an excellent thickness for outdoor furniture because it projects a look of high quality, will remain structurally sound for years, but isn't too bulky.

Wood furnture partsConstruction.  The arms and rear legs on our chairs are hand cut using a template-routing method.  Template routing creates an exact duplicate of the pattern from which it is made.  All curved parts are cut with an arc tool and a band saw.  All top edges are rounded using a 1/8" roundover, and all holes are pre-drilled and countersunk, which prevents splitting and lets the screw sit just below the surface of the wood.  During the construction process, all parts are sanded three different times to allow for a smooth, splinter free feel and to allow finishes to absorb evenly.  Great care is used in assembly to insure that all slats are spaced correctly, and that all parts of your chair go together exactly as they were designed.  A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into our products, resulting in a high quality, beautiful piece of furniture.

screws for wood furnitureFasteners.  Even the fasteners were selected with longevity in mind.  Our bolts, washers and nuts are all stainless steel, which is the obvious choice for outdoor furniture due to it's resistance to corrosion.  These bolts will not rust---even in salty air!  We have found many products in the marketplace that use zinc-plated fasteners.  Zinc is not resistant to corrosion, and will show signs of rust within one year; sooner in coastal environments.

We use a dacrotized wood screw.  Dacrotized fasteners are used primarily in the automotive industry.  The dacro-dip process produces a fastener superior to that of a galvanized fastener.  In salt tests, dacrotized fasteners were exposed over 500 hours to a salt spray solution with no signs of red rust; the galvanized and zinc-plated fasteners showed significant signs of rust after 360 hours.  Dacrotized screws are also highly resistant to heat, and maintain their finish season after season.  This is a superior fastener for an outdoor product.

paint for outdoor furnitureFinishes.  We uses high quality acrylic paints and stains from the leading manufacturers in the industry.  For solid colors we apply two coats an all-surface, gloss acrylic latex paint designed for year-round outdoor exposure.  Acrylic paints are more flexible than oil based paints and allows the wood to expand and contract through season and tempurature changes with less evidence of cracking.  Our stains are actually a tinted waterseal, which results in a finish that not only reveals the natural beauty of the wood grain, but provides UV, moisture and mildew protection as well.  All stains are sprayed first, then backrolled by hand to allow the stain to fully penetrate the wood grain for maximum protection and longevity.  As a rule of thumb, a finish on Cherry Bear furniture will last about as long as a good paint job on a house; even longer if the piece is out of direct exposure to the sun, such as under a patio.

We have gone to great lengths to explore every avenue of the construction of outdoor furniture, and they have applied this knowledge to create the finest product on the market today.

Go ahead, give us a try. If you are not completely satisfied with every aspect of your experience with Cherry Bear, we will gladly accept your return and refund your money.

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Cherry Bear Wood Products

Cherry Bear Wood Products

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